Young fan of Scott Dixon writes letter of the year

Alternate headline: Future Indycar blogger pens first post

Most talk about racing involves complaining about something, but here’s the opposite – a dose of good feelings shared by all. In the aftermath of Mr Dixon’s “wild ride” at IMS, a young fan has written a letter to Indycar thanking them for keeping Scott from serious harm. And it goes a little something like this.

In case you can’t see the image, here is the text:

Dear Indycar, I love Scott Dixon, and as you may know he just got in a big crash. So what I wanted to tell you is that thank you so much for keeping him safe. I saw him limping on TV and just wanted to make sure he was ok. I’ve loved Scott Dixon since I was really little and when I saw the crash I got so scared and started crying. Again, thank you so much for keeping him safe!!! Sincerely, Lucy Grade 2. Thank you #Indy500

Math skills sometimes fail me, but if this young writer is in 2nd grade, which means she’s about seven years of age. Which also means she wasn’t alive when Scott Dixon actually won The 500 in 2008. Pity. Ah well, she’s seen him win on plenty of other tracks in her young life.

And hey, no criticism. If a second-grader wants to use a hashtag on a paper, well, it’s probably better than if she was actually on Twitter, right?

Related question: after also having a death-defying crash at IMS, where are the letters thanking Indycar from young Sebastien Bourdais fans? Allons-y, enfants!

Final Lap: As luck would have it, Scott Dixon was once a young Scott Dixon fan himself, even back in the days when he had to wear a pillow on his posterior to sit high enough to race.

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