TweetFestLive: St Petersburg 2016

Grab a tall glass of your favorite beverage, Indycar fans! The longest off-season in sports is over as we (finally!?!) light the candle that is the 2016 Verizon Indycar season.

Like most of you, your humble host will be huddled around his favorite flat screen today to watch the Firestone Grand Prix Of St. Petersburg. But, as is often the case, I do not have a roomful of fellow Indycar fans to invite to the viewing festivities. I mean, you’re all invited, or you would be, but since I last posted back in the VERSUS days we got a second dog and she totally freaks out around men. Even me. I suppose the dog might be less stressed if I walked around the house in my wife’s clothing sometimes, but Mrs I is smaller than me so the fit. . .

Wait, where was I? (“You definitely missed the brake zone in that last paragraph.” – The Spotter) Oh yeah, since there won’t be a lot of friends in One Lap Down World Headquarters, here’s my twitter list of Indycar friends, many of whom I have actually met in person. So, I’m sharing it with you so you’ll never walk alone, or tweet alone, or something.

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