Throwback Thursday

Happy St Patrick’s day to all. Be sure to celebrate responsibly, and by that I mean to steer clear of any American lagers that have been dyed green and just head straight for a pint Guinness.

In the meantime, enjoy this, uh, homage(?) circa 2014 by James Hinchcliffe to the most famous Irish motorsports figure in Indianapolis. If you have too much Guinness tonight you may well think you are talking like this. And you may well get punched in the face. Just sayin’.

And speaking of Hinch and the Daly family, be sure to check out “The Greatest Spectacle in Forecasting” over at the Weather Network. Your humble host battled valiantly for far too many minutes to turn that into something worth your time, but after no less than 83 revisions to the code in the post the Autoplay feature could not be turned off. “Dammit Jim, I’m a word butcher, not an HTML5 developer!”

Seriously, this is 2016. Autoplay video shouldn’t be a thing anymore. OK, rant off. Time for a pint.

UPDATE: so it appears Apple devices may not play the video below, because Tim Cook hates flash or something. At any rate, if you get an error you can enjoy the video here.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

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    March 18, 2016 at 1:57pm

    That’s up there with Tony Stewart’s Chris Economaki impression.

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      March 18, 2016 at 10:12pm

      You are so right. Hinch nailed Derek perfectly. Nice photo of Mr. Daly, Sr. too, Jeff.

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