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“Everything is new for me and it was my very first time qualifying on an oval. I have to say, it was fast! Even if I wasn’t the fastest, it’s amazing driving these cars on an oval and I loved it. I’m eager to get more experience and push the guys to push the limit higher and higher. We had a margin that we could have played with but we didn’t want to take risks. For tomorrow, it’s looking good. We have to work a lot on dealing with traffic but, so far, I love it. Very fun. I know there’s a lot to learn and that it’s difficult. I can’t just jump in a car and pretend to be as fast as the top guys but I want to be that fast one day. It will take a lot of work but I’ll try.”

Luca Filippi, budding oval-racing enthusiast, on the exhilarating art of standing on the gas throughout the entire turn.

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