Here we go: Indycar drivers to appear on Celebrity Family Feud…vs swimsuit models

Full disclosure: the last time I watched Family Feud it was hosted by Richard Dawson. Maybe the kids today would recognize him as that dude in “The Running Man“.


Five Verizon IndyCar Series drivers – Helio Castroneves, Tony Kanaan, James Hinchcliffe, Will Power and Conor Daly – will join forces to represent INDYCAR on ABC’s popular game show “Celebrity Family Feud,” hosted by Emmy Award-winning TV personality Steve Harvey. The show’s second season premieres Sunday, June 26 at 8 p.m. ET, with specific episode air dates to be released soon.

The drivers will compete against Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Nina Agdal, Samantha Hoopes, Tanya Mityushina, Robyn Lawley and Hannah Ferguson.

Anyhow, this is pretty much the raspberry to the last post’s crème brûlée about drivers doing things other than driving. Except this time they’ll being going up against swimsuit models. Teenage me would have thought this would be the greatest 30 minutes of television evah.

But grown-up me has concerns, because if you’re trying to expand your brand, you don’t want to try to do it while trying to defeat swimsuit models. This is America, where swimsuit models are only marginally less beloved as large cars, pb&j sandwiches, and puppies. And you’re not going to garner sympathy for your series by showing how much smarter you are than puppies. Or swimsuit models. I mean, if you win, ho-hum, you’re brighter than ladies who wear body paint for a living. And if you lose, welp, you just lost to ladies who wear body paint for a living. It’s practically a Kobayashi Maru.

Then again, if this gets promoted, this should probably be the most highly-rated episode of the season, right? That is, unless there is an episode with Victoria’s Secret Models that I am unaware of. Even still, this should give your grandmother or whomever watches this show (seriously, I have no grasp of demographics for this kind of thing) a chance to see that lovely dancer Helio and his racing friends.

OK, I’m probably overthinking this, but for the sake of ratings let’s hope the models, or even the drivers, give some answers like this. Even though we don’t have Richard Dawson to entertain us anymore.One word, my friends: “September”

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    May 6, 2016 at 2:17pm

    If you haven’t seen Family Feud since Richard Dawson was the host, then you’ve missed a succession of hosts that puts a Dale Coyne driver rotation to shame: Louie Anderson, Al from Home Improvement, J. Peterman, and now Harvey. You missed a charity-celebrity week where Buck Owens excitedly forget what hash browns are called while playing on a team with Keith Urban and the Dixie Chicks against the Muppets. You missed Chris Paul and his family playing the against a non-celebrity family for non-charity prize money during the NBA lockout.
    Somehow, I expect that your life still has meaning…

    Anyways, winning Family Feud these days isn’t about being smart in the traditional sense, it’s about having a good handle on the sexual innuendo that 90% of the answers involve. I would expect the swimsuit models to do well.

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