Before we go green on this thing

Let’s just get this our of the way since it’s a bit embarrassing but necessary.

Those of you have may remember me from the My Name Is IRL days, or the Silent Pagoda days, or even the handful of VERSUS days, know that in 2011 I just kinda went away to be a blogger in exile. I self retired to the back room at the Sunset Bricks Retirement Home for Indycar Bloggers. It’s a Hulman property, I think.

Anyhow, your humble host had lost the proverbial mojo, and so I hung up the keyboard. And what I discovered was Indycar blogger friends who went out of their way to offer me consolation, advice, and encouragement. I mean, I was stunned, in a good way, to be blessed by the sustained and unsolicited support I received, mostly from people I had never met in person. It’s a few years overdue, but I want to take this post to formally thank George, “Dale“, Bill, Monica, Tony, Jerry, Joe, “Roy“, and Dex. I am forever in their debt, because without the kindness shown by these folks I never would have made it back to the keyboard.

Conversely, if I fail miserably, this trainwreck is totally on them.

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