TweetFestLive: Phoenix 2016

It’s here. It’s finally here. It’s like Christmas day smothered in horsepower and carbon fiber. After 11 long years there’s going to be another Indycar race in Phoenix!

Break out the Snoopy Dance!

Your humble host and his family will be gathered in Allison stands at PIR today, high above the first turn. Which, as glorious as that will be, means there will be no power cables anywhere near us. We are strictly on battery power for the full day of festivities, so the tweets may be sparse. But fear not, as many friends of this, err, fine establishment will be on the twitter today with all the edutainment your feed can handle. In the meantime. . .where’s my lanyard?

Remember, Indycar fans: you’ll never tweet alone. But you may run your battery to 0%.

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