TweetFestLive: Long Beach 2016

Welcome to Long Beach, where everything is sponsored by Toyota or Tecate. A great event, to be sure, but this always struck me as a bit of a mixed message about drinking and driving. So drive a Toyota OR drink some Tecate today, not both. At least not at the same time.

(“Are you done with the Sunday sermon yet?” – The Spotter)

Speaking of driving today, as you may or may not know Indycar has been making a series of “visor cam” videos at the various tracks this season. The Long Beach version features some laps with Marco Andretti, and unlike the overhead in-car camera shots you can really get a feel for how much street racing bounces the drivers around like a bobble-head in an earthquake. I won’t embed the video because it might throw off the twitter widget, but you can watch and listen to it here. Street racing is brutal stuff, friends.

Did someone say twitter? Did someone say friends? Well then, here’s the aforementioned widget. Let’s hang out.

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