Brain Dump: Phoenix 2018

You might recall that last year your humble host ended up in Victory Lane with my wonderful family, hanging with our friend-for-a-day, Simon Pagenaud. And although the 2018 version of the Phoenix race didn’t have quite the storybook tale for us personally, there was definitely more excitement for the all fans to enjoy compared to […]

Brain Dump: St Petersburg 2018

If you’ve been anywhere on the interwebs (and if I’m being completely honest, well, you are right now) you’ve already noticed the sheer volume of words that have been a lot of words spent on the finish of the first race of the 2018 season. Whether you think Rossi was at fault, or Wickens was […]

Indycar in the Spring

Like a bear emerging from hibernation, so comes the 2018 Indycar season. Well, not exactly like a bear, because unlike a bear Indycar will not eat your face. It might eat your waking hours with the compulsion to read blogs, watch driver twitter banter, or just rerun the latest race in your DVR over and […]