Have a pint in Hinchtown

Welcome to Monday, the most miserable day of the week. Derived from the Latin “Monus”, which means “miserable”. At least that’s the way I remember it from my three years of taking Latin in high school. (Yes, now you all know your humble host went to Catholic school. And yes, three years of Latin is so so miserable.)

Just think of similarly derived words.

Mon-onucleosis – miserable illness that gets you mocked by your peers

Mon-soon – miserable weather here in Arizona

Mon-oxide – miserable air you can’t breathe

(“Maybe you should go back to school. A different one.” – The Spotter)

So let’s make this Monday a little brighter. How? With beer. Because James Hinchcliffe has his own beer, and you don’t have a Hinchtown ID to have one, and now you can get it in a can. From Road & Track:

The Canadian’s Hinchtown Hammerdown pilsner, which was only available onsite at the Flat12 Bierwerks in Indianapolis, is now available in cans.

 “Merchandise has been around forever, and serves its purpose, but the world is evolving, as is the world of branded driver goods, and that’s what we have with Hammerdown,” Hinchcliffe told RoadandTrack.com. “And once you’re done, you can keep the cans!”

If a Pilsner isn’t your thing, the Mayor’s got you covered with a second adult beverage in the offing. There’s a second brew, called The Bricks, to celebrate the 100th running of the Indianpolis 500 that will be available in May. Of course. It’s “a Red IPA brewed with milk sugar, in honor of a great tradition in motorsports.” Of course. . .excuse me, did that just say it’s made from milk?

Final Lap: How come former teammate Marco Andretti doesn’t have an Andretti Winery product named after him?




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