Indycar in the Spring

Like a bear emerging from hibernation, so comes the 2018 Indycar season. Well, not exactly like a bear, because unlike a bear Indycar will not eat your face. It might eat your waking hours with the compulsion to read blogs, watch driver twitter banter, or just rerun the latest race in your DVR over and […]

My apologies

It’s The Month of May, and I’m here messing around with templates, plugins, and widgets instead of posting in the most content-rich time of the year. Yeah, I know – I’m doing it wrong. At any rate, sorry for the delay, or intermission, or whatever. Hope you’re all excited about the new layout, and the […]

Once more, with feeling

Alrighty. Back on the blog thing. Keyboard? Check. Internet connection? Check. Web site? Check. Theme that isn’t brown and orange like the old blog? Check. Blogroll widget linking the handful of Indycar bloggers out there? Check. OK then. . .time for a nap.