DW12 Era so far: Wins – Part III

They say great things come in threes. Things like blind mice or stooges. Yes, that means your humble host is comparing this current series of Indycar posts to stooges and blind mice. Today we set out to conclude the math on Indycar Wins in the completely-contrived DW12 Era by adding up the totals for both […]

DW12 Era so far: Wins – Part II

Welcome back for another dose of math. And if that sentence didn’t drive you away, well then, let’s get down to the business of adding stuff up. Yesterday’s post was about who were the winningest drivers in the DW12 Era, if there is such a thing. And there is, because I said so. See what […]

DW12 Era so far: Wins – Part I

It’s another long offseason with little to write about except racing minutae like who signed which engineer, or items of blatant speculation such as which driver will fill the remain seats. I don’t know the engineers that well so I’m not going to write about that – that’s what Marshall Pruett does. And I don’t […]