Throwback Thursday

As all 12 of the avid readers of this site might have noticed, there was no Brain Dump after Long Beach. That’s largely because, in addition to a lack of passing, Indycar races now have the added bonus of a lack of officiating. Which is like hearing the words “Sir, we didn’t just accidentally overcooked your steak […]

Throwback Thursday

This week marks the one year anniversary of one of the worst Indycar races evah. *kazoo* The “Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana,” which was such a steaming pile that it was mercifully ended after a mere 47 laps, at which point they had managed a full 31 minutes of green flag “racing”. I put racing in quotes […]

Brain Dump: Phoenix 2016

OK, first the obvious mea culpa. Your humble host realizes it’s difficult to be taken seriously when writing about an event like a week after it happens. But we were stuck in traffic trying to get out of the PIR parking lot, and it was getting a bit “Lord of the Flies” after the long […]

TweetFestLive: Phoenix 2016

It’s here. It’s finally here. It’s like Christmas day smothered in horsepower and carbon fiber. After 11 long years there’s going to be another Indycar race in Phoenix! Break out the Snoopy Dance! Your humble host and his family will be gathered in Allison stands at PIR today, high above the first turn. Which, as […]