It’s not you – there have been a lot of ads lately

Your humble host has had the good fortune to view a great deal of auto races, and I fully understand the point of broadcasting is to get eyeballs and show them advertisements. The network gots to get paid. All about the benjamins. Insert your own favorite rap lyric here. Still, while viewing through the Indianapolis 500 […]

Rossi wins The Indy 500 and the world keeps spinning‏

For those of us watching the Indy 500 on TV, that was quite an unforgettable moment. You know, the moment when the cameras panned to Alexander Rossi’s #98, and the realization that he’s going to try to make it all the way to the end without refueling while every other driver on the lead lap […]

My apologies

It’s The Month of May, and I’m here messing around with templates, plugins, and widgets instead of posting in the most content-rich time of the year. Yeah, I know – I’m doing it wrong. At any rate, sorry for the delay, or intermission, or whatever. Hope you’re all excited about the new layout, and the […]

Here we go: Indycar drivers to appear on Celebrity Family Feud…vs swimsuit models

Full disclosure: the last time I watched Family Feud it was hosted by Richard Dawson. Maybe the kids today would recognize him as that dude in “The Running Man“. From Five Verizon IndyCar Series drivers – Helio Castroneves, Tony Kanaan, James Hinchcliffe, Will Power and Conor Daly – will join forces to represent INDYCAR […]

Drivers show ninja skills. Literally.

From After spending the weekend pondering the hair-pulling exercise that was the cancellation of Boston Grand Prix, we should probably remember that we are still fans of this sport and it’s drivers. Especially when said drives are auditioning for a remake of The Seven Samurai, or something. Three INDYCAR drivers on a mission to […]

Indycar will not be shipping up to Boston

By now you’ve probably heard the Grand Prix of Boston, scheduled for Labor Day weekend, has been cancelled. If you haven’t heard that, then you probably should be reading more sites than this one. Regardless, all parties involved have brought out their blamethrowers. The Promoter says The City was unreasonably demanding last-minute permits. The City […]

Throwback Thursday

As all 12 of the avid readers of this site might have noticed, there was no Brain Dump after Long Beach. That’s largely because, in addition to a lack of passing, Indycar races now have the added bonus of a lack of officiating. Which is like hearing the words “Sir, we didn’t just accidentally overcooked your steak […]